The 20 Questions Test

In their booklet, Property Management Companies and You, the National Consumer Agency recommends a set of questions you should ask prospective managing agents. We at A.K Property Services are happy to spare you the trouble by answering them in full here, and also any extra questions you might have:

  1. Have you any references/testimonials you can supply us with?

    Over the past 14 years, A.K Property Services has built up a considerable rapport with the management companies it deals with and several glowing testimonials as to the quality of our service. Click here to see a selection of these testimonials

  2. How close are your offices to our property?

    Our administrative offices are in Oranmore, Co. Galway. However, maintenance for each development is carried out by local service contractors employed by us, and who are only a short distance away from your development.

  3. How many years have you been in the property management business?

    We have 14 years experience of handling apartment blocks, housing estates, commercial and mixed developments all over the country.

  4. How many staff in your company are involved with management?

    Along with our highly trained and experienced office support staff in Oranmore, our service contractors for each development are reputable and well equipped to deal with most of the day to day maintenance issues.

  5. Where and how do you keep the money raised from our service charge?

    Your service charges are paid directly into your management company bank account which is operated by A.K. Property Services. We provide a detailed financial report every year for each owner.

  6. How is this money managed and who receives any interest?

    This money is money is kept on deposit in the Management Company bank account. Any interest received is also for the Management Company.

  7. Can you show us an example of how financial records will be kept about our block?

    Financial records for each Management Comapny are placed in the end of year report. We produce the most detailed financial report of any property management agent, and we do this for each and every development that we manage. Contact us to request a hypothetical end of year sample report.

  8. Will your fees carry VAT?

    Yes, at the standard 23% rate.

  9. How do you deal with unpaid service charges?

    We have a set of proceedures that we follow with all service charges taking into consideration the number of reminders, time limits, payment plans etc. Only after all avenues have been tried and due notice given our legal team may be instructed to issue proceedings.

  10. What procedures are in place to deal with non-paying tenants? How do you deal with tenants who break their leases?

    We have a set of proceedures that we follow when residents are in breach of their lease agreements. There are house/estate rules in place and enforced by A.K. Property Services.

  11. How do you deal with complaints?

    Every complaint is taken very seriously, investigated thoroughly and the appropriate action taken immediately.

  12. What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept payment either in full or instalments by cheque or cash. We facilitate the setting up of standing orders and online banking transfers.

  13. How often do you rotate directors in the management company?

    The owners decide how often they wish to rotate directors; however we recommend regular rotation of directors.

  14. Do you offer an out-of-office-hours service for emergencies?

    We certainly do; our extensive network of local service agents means someone can be on hand very soon after you make that call.

  15. How much notice do you need to cancel a contract?

    If a contract is cancelled, our company policy requires one month's notice in writing from the directors.

  16. Can you give us a list of your staff that we are likely to deal with and their qualifications?

    Our director, Aisling Keenan, takes a hands-on approach to each contract, liasing with the management company and ensuring that the highest level of service is provided. In addition we will be happy to introduce you to the management staff we employ in your area at the earliest possible opportunity.

  17. Can you list any professional or trade bodies to which your firm belongs?

    NETWORK - The organisation for women in business, the professions and the arts.
    Galway Executive Skillnet - training body - boosting skills and productivity in your company. Galway Chamber of Commerce

  18. Can you give us full details of your professional indemnity insurance?

    A.K. Property Services is fully insured with professional indemnity. Policy details can be provided upon request.

  19. Can you give us proof of your financial status?

    As a limited company, our company details can be found on the Companies' Registration Office ( where you can view our annual accounts.

  20. Can you give us a copy of any standard contract you use?

    Yes, we would be happy to provide you with a copy of our contract when discussing your management company and your needs.