Combined Estate Management

'It is a pleasure working with A.K. Property Services. They are consistently reliable, efficient and professional. They deal with all of our queries and requests promptly and it is a great comfort to know that our management company is being run by such an experienced team. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them as managing agents.'


Aoife McDonagh, Director, Roadhouse Management Ltd., Oranmore

bushCombined Estate Management is where there is a mixed use development with a possible combination of residential houses, apartments overhead, commercial or retail units, pub, crèche, leisure centre, etc.
This type of a development would normally have a number of different stipulations in the lease agreements for the different units, while the general conditions of the Management Company would apply such as the requirement to be a member of the company and the payment of the agreed annual service charge.
The service charges are calculated and agreed at the Annual General Meeting of the company. Normally in Apartment Blocks the total budget is either divided equally or by area. In a combined estate it may be divided further by usage.
For example the apartment owners would not have to pay the part of the insurance premium that covers the public car-park of the development and likewise the commercial unit owners would not have to pay for refuse collection for the private houses in the development. For the managing agent it is vital that the apportionment is absolutely exact as disputes about bills can cause serious financial implications for the management company.

The management company for the Combined Estate works on the same principle as Residential or Commercial Estate Management and Apartment Block Management where a Management Company is set up to cater for the legal and day to day running of the development.

The common area issues associated with Combined Estates should be set out in accordance with usage by the different occupiers in the estate.

sprinklerCombined Estate Management is where each owner of the individual units is a member (or shareholder) in the company that is set up to look after the legal, day to day running of the development. The company has responsibilities to all the members to ensure that the common areas are maintained to a high standard.

The best way to ensure the proper running of the estate is to appoint a professional and proven firm of Managing Agents. A.K. Property Services has a proven reputation, having operated as Managing Agents throughout Ireland for 10 years.

The full responsibilities of the Management Company are outlined in the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, and in the Management Agreements attaching to the Title Documents of each unit in the development.

All owners have a responsibility to the Management Company to perform certain obligations, set out in the Management Agreements; primarily the payment of Annual Service Charges and attending the Annual General Meetings. It is important to have a clearly defined situation where the Management Company has definite responsibilities to all of its members and the members, likewise, have definite responsibilities to their Management Company, and to each other.

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