Submitted by Aisling Keenan on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 08:55.

The Government is currently working on bringing into law the new Multi-Unit Development Bill. This bill provides for a comprehensive and streamlined statutory framework for the regulation of our industry, encompassing protection for property owners and service providers alike. 

Currently we are operating in an unregulated environment and this has its challenges including resistance from property owners and developers to meet their obligations. It will also provide for improved standards of consumer protection. 

We look forward to regulation that will set clear standards and provide a legal framework for us to work within.

This Multi-Unit Development Bill  has completed Committee Stage in October 2010. It constitutes an important element of  the Government's strategy to address problems arising in relation to the management of property in this country. 

All auctioneers, letting agents and property management agents will now require a licence to operate within the industry.

To keep up to date, follow our blog on this where we will continue with regular and updated posts.



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